SUPERSONIC - The Design and Lifestyle of Concorde

By Lawrence Azerrad

Foreword by Sir Terrance Conran | Afterword by Cindy Crawford & Andrew Macpherson

This stylishly illustrated book looks back at the glamour of Concorde air travel and is as sleek and elegant as the aircraft it celebrates.  192 page hardcover book with 200 color illustrations, published by Prestel, available September 18th, 2018. 

When the first commercial Concordes zoomed off the runways in Paris and London in the late 1960s, crossing the Atlantic in just under three hours, they established a new standard for luxury flight. Powered by 38,000 pounds of thrust and easily recognizable with its delta wing and drooping nose, the Concorde jet embodied the pinnacle of aviation technology and industrial design. It quickly became the preferred mode of transatlantic flight for superstars and business moguls alike.

Opening with a lively history of the jet and how it changed travel, the book focuses on the look and feel of the Concorde while capturing the essence of the glamorous Concorde experience and the jet-set lifestyle that developed around it. Photos of the jet’s evolving interiors show how the original, starkly designed cabin gave way to luxury seats and interiors designed by the likes of Sir Terence Conran and Andrée Putman. Designers and artists were also commissioned to create objects exclusively for the Concorde, items included bottle openers, luggage tags, silverware, and much more.

Filled with fascinating historical and technical background, and drawn from the author’s personal collection of more than one thousand Concorde-related objects, this elegant book offers rarely seen historical photography and firsthand contributions from the people who helped create the Concorde experience from take-off to landing and beyond.